Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Ahmednagar - अहमदनगर - How to improve it?

Where is Ahmednagar today?
Ahmednagar (sometimes misspelled as Ahmadnagar) is the largest district in the Maharashtra state of India. But it hasn't created largest cultural, economic or social impact in Maharashtra state. Sugar, milk and bank cooperatives thrive here. Ahmednagar is home to 19 sugar factories and is also the birthplace of the cooperative movement. Due to scarce rainfall, Ahmednagar suffers from drought often. Ahmednagar district seriously lacks better infrastructure, schools/colleges, libraries and is mostly sleepy district. The population of the district is exploding but there are not enough public services to support this population. The city lacks good water management programme. Lack of sustainable industries creates dark cloud of economy on Ahmednagar. Most people (including graduated students/professors/teachers/ politicians/public administration officials) in Ahmednagar can't read/write/speak in English. People are living in nearby towns (within 10 miles of Ahmednagar city) for 30+ years but haven't built roads there. There is a lack of enthusiasm in improving city/society with the help of citizens, civic bodies and government ministries. Lack of awareness of volunteering could be another problem. The city lacks knowledgeable people and understanding of glocal/global development initiatives (most of the literature of these initiatives is in English.). Shortage of water and electrictiy is always a problem in Ahmednagar city and nearby towns. People still can not check and pay phone bill online using Internet. Few people still are not aware of why pin/zip codes are used in address. The city still hasn't created a map that travellers could buy in a bookshop and navigate the city.

How to improve Ahmednagar?
Overall, in Ahmednagar, you will never see/hear about initiatives like starting a free library of academic, reference and fiction/nonfiction books in English in community, teaching people to speak in English for free, volunteering for a good cause, organizing science exhibitition, reading for blind children, bringing new industries/companies, reaching new frontiers of science and technology, starting research laboratory to study new science topics for children, putting Ahmednagar on map in global market, preserving history of city, visiting museums, understanding how exactly civic bodies and public administration work, how your taxes/duties can be used to develop communities without any corruption, how to use right to information act, what do you need to do to implement public initiatives (e.g. building road, solar power plan) in community, working together in communities to implement these public initiatives, solving water/electricity shortage problem, how to keep governance of Ahmednagar transparent, creating self-reliant sustainable enterprises(eco-economy), understanding of ecology (e.g. falling water tables, extinction of habitat, wind energy, solar energy, biofuels etc.) and how Ahmednagar is connected to world through ecology, building Ahmednagar city in balance with nature (ecology), being responsible global citizens, preparing and distributing a city map, road names/signs in English and Marathi. People living in Ahmednagar should ask themselves about these initiatives everyday and most importantly implement them.

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